Logistics Advisory Services 

Operating in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane 

Brian Dickson Logistics Advisory Services

Knowledge and History 

My name is Brian Dickson and I have over 35 years’ experience in the logistics industry and most recently 15 years as a part owner operator of Supply Linq a privately owned 3PL logistics provider. My role within the business was General Manager of Operations until it was sold in 2013. Supply Linq operated in both Melbourne and Sydney and also provide services nationally by utilising the services of reputable 3PL companies. 

I am offering my knowledge and expertise to assist companies to streamline their logistics operations. I have observed over the years that operational management can get caught up in the day to day operations and they are left with little time to work on process improvements, rising costs and particular on increasing the service levels to their valued customers. 

I have over the years worked closely with CEO’s, Operational Management, Finance, IT and with the staff at ground level who are critical to the overall improvement process. I love working with people at all levels where I provide leadership and support to help companies reach the required outcomes as a united team.